Marketing Intelligence

The Problem

To improve the effectiveness of marketing efforts, many automotive companies are interested in pursuing advanced market techniques, such as personalized campaigns (also called one-to-one marketing), making customer tailored product offerings. A personalized campaign can be carried out by means of several different media, such as emails, messaging, phone calls, etc. and, thus, it may entail considerable costs, unless appropriately targeted. It turns out that a key concept in a personalized campaign is the value of customer segments, which allows to optimize contacts strategy and maximize the profitability of marketing activity.

Exeura solution

Exeura has developed a decision support system, based on Rialto, to improve the success probability of personalized contacts in a one-to-one campaign. The system was ordered by Aster Group, a leader in automotive sales and services.


Success story

Aster Marketing Intelligence

The Need

Since 1983, Aster Group has been a leader in automotive sales and services and a commercial partner to some of the most important German and Japanese automotive brands. Today, Aster Group represents eight brands, has 80 employees, and generates 50 million Euros of revenue annually. Additionally, Aster Group collaborates with other important automotive dealerships, consulting them on strategic decisions in Marketing and CRM.
To improve the effectiveness of its marketing efforts, Aster Group recognized the need to leverage the large amounts of data produced by their marketing campaigns. So, they invested in business analytics in order to predict the value produced by each marketing campaign, as well as to detect the causes and the influencing factors.

The Solution

Exeura and Aster Group collaborated to develop a solution based on multivariate regression, allowing Aster Group to discover the key variables that determine the success of a marketing campaign. The Aster Group’s CRM data is analyzed by Exeura’s data mining platform Rialto to produce predictive models that allow a potential marketing campaign to be evaluated. To this end, campaign variables are iteratively tuned to determine the parameters that achieve the desired business goals. The data mining process then returns such parameters (such as customer priority, service offering, etc.) to the CRM for planning and execution of the marketing campaign.

The Benefits

For Aster Group, the Rialto-based solution delivers important insights into customer behaviors that maximize the value of marketing campaigns by discovering:

  • the “value drivers” that determine the positive or negative value of a customer to a marketing campaign;
  • the automotive brands and models that are likely to produce positive customer response to a marketing campaign;
  • the most profitable stages of a customer relationship.
Customer: Aster Group
Market: Automotive
Product: Rialto
Task: Customer profiling for marketing campaigns

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