Customer Profiling

The Problem

Contact centers are used by many organizations, such as Telco companies, to provide remote diagnostic services. Given the wide set of potential customers of such services, contact centers front-ends are daily flood by a huge number of telephone calls, and this represents a severe test for their operating structures. Thus, a key challenge of contact centers today is that of providing better service differentiation, by leveraging customer profiles created from their databases. This would entail a two-fold advantage: service quality improvement and operating costs reduction.

Exeura solution

From the collaboration between Exeura and Atos originates zLog, an expert system for the profiling of contact center customers.

Success story

Customer profiling for phone calls routing

The Need

Every day, over one million telephone calls asking for diagnostic services reach the contact centers of Telecom Italia. The need is that of optimizing the operators assignment process, in order to reduce the average call response times, and improve customer support quality.

The Solution

The key idea is that of “personalizing” customers relationships, trying to anticipate their actual needs. Personalization is based on customer profiling. zLog is the expert system, based on Rialto Reasoner, developed by Exeura at this aim.
The definition of customer categories in zLog is carried out personally by contact center operators, through a visual interaction and without any technical support. The advantage of such an approach is that new categories can be configured “on the fly”, based on the need of the hour. Categories definition criteria include customer behavioral aspects, such as recent history of contacts (e.g., telephone calls to the contact center, SMSs sent to customer assistance, etc.) or basic customer demographics (e.g., age, residence, etc. – the latter useful, for instance, in case of natural disasters), or type of contract. When a customer calls the contact center, he/she is automatically assigned to a category (based on his/her profile) and then routed to an appropriate human operator (or the automatic responder – for instance, for members of the category “frequent caller”).

The Benefits

Personalization of calls routing entails improvement of both resources usage and customer satisfaction. Laboratory tests show that zLog can detect customer category in less than 100 ms (starting from his/her telephone number) and manage over 400 calls/sec. As a result, zLog enables 66% time saving for each of the over one million daily calls.

Customer: Atos
Market: IT-Telco
Product: Rialto Reasoner
Task: Customer profiling for phone calls routing