We make our knowledge available to others also by organizing customized courses, notably:

– Getting Started with Data Mining – 5 days
– Advanced Data Mining Applications – 5 days
– Developing BA solutions by Rialto – 3 days

Other courses are available upon request on the following topics:

– Business Intelligence & Dashboards
– Data Management for Analytics
– Analytics Best Practices
– Open Source and Commercial Analytics Toolset

Getting Started with Data Mining

5 days
Focused on basic data mining concepts and techniques, this course will lead the student to the development of simple knowledge discovery processes using Rialto.

Developing for Rialto

3 days
The course is addressed to skilled users interested in developing Rialto extensions. To this end, it provides an exhaustive introduction to Rialto architecture, plug-in development, algorithms extension and customization, etc..

Advanced Data Mining

5 days
The course is concerned with advanced data mining concepts and techniques, and their applications to various business problems. In particular, it covers the following topics:

– Constructing a knowledge discovery process: data acquisition and preparation, pre-processing, mining and model visualization
– Developing predictive techniques for marketing, logistics, manufacturing
– Introducing analytics in the organization
– Case studies: customer churn prediction, system failure prediction, delivery route evaluation, etc..