Exeura provides skilled consultants helping organizations to identify their business needs, to develop the appropriate models and to use cutting-edge technologies to deliver insight for their pressing business questions. The research work conducted by Exeura in the areas of Business Analytics and Knowledge Management represents, for its customers, the warranty of a high-qualified service consulting. Whether integrating models into existing systems, or creating new systems from scratch, Exeura’s consultants own the required know how to design and develop secure and scalable solutions.




Exeura’s consultants are highly specialized and knowledgeable in the areas of Big Data analytics and visualization, Data/Text Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning.

Exeura is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Exeura’s consultants develop solutions by applying best practices and methodologies like AGILE, CRISP-DM e ITIL. They take advantage of both proprietary products, developed by Exeura’s research teams, as well as products originating from the open source community.


Areas of interest


  • Optimization of distribution networks
  • Insurance fraud detection
  • Heathcare fraud detection
  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Classification of electronic medical records
  • Team building
  • Trouble tickets classification for CRM