RAI gets in touch with Exeura … check out this story!

“Here, ideas become projects, and research becomes marketable products”. These are the first words of a recent press report produced by the local newscast network (TGR), aired on October 9th 2014 and dedicated to Exeura’s innovation and technology. RAI’s professionals have taken Exeura’s offices and its human capital, then interviewed both the Head of Marketing & Sales, Eng. Mario Ettorre and the President, Prof. Pasquale Rullo. The latter highlighted the important role played by public funding in the process of transformation from research to marketable products. And, referring to the recognition of MISE to Exeura as virtuous enterprise use of funds, he stated that “there, it was recognized our ability to turn public funding for research into greater market competitiveness” – and concluded that “this is the reason why the funding exists”.​