Rialto features

Comprehensive Analytics Lifecycle Support
Multiple input data formats (xls, csv, arff, pdf, relational databases)
Data acquisition from pdf tables (Quablo plugin)
Statistical and graphical analysis of data and models
Data normalization, Filtering e Transformation
Data Mining
Model validation and interpretation
Model deployment and integration into third-party applications
Predictive and Descriptive Analysis algorithms
Association rule mining
Bi-variate analysis
Linear regression
Outlier detection
Time series analysis
Intuitively and Simplicity
Drag-and-drop interface
No proprietary language programming is required
Unified approach to analytical process modelling
Context-aware and multi-modal development environment
Support to SQL and Java plug-ins development
Quick and simple multi-platform setup (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista)
Efficiency and scalability
Large data volumes processing
Persistance data management (MySequel, SqlServer, H2, Hbase, Flat File)
Parallel and distribuited computation support (framework Hadoop)
Suitable for any company, it perfectly adapts for every type of analytics
Analytical processes can be easily integrated with third-party applications via web services
Price affordable by any company, no matter the size