Technology partners allow Exeura to complete its commercial offer. The selected technologies are carefully chosen among those that best fit Exeura’s interests.

Tableau Software helps the world see and understand data. With Tableau, anyone can connect to dozens of different data sources, and then drag and drop to find insights. Tableau has more than 35.000 customers, operating in nearly every market, including banking, insurance, healthcare, telecoms, real estate, oil and gas, and manufacturing.
Rialto Analytics and Tableau technologies blend to make the design, development and deployment of big data analytics solutions easier. Customers can take advantage of Rialto’s advanced data, text and processing analytics capabilities, and export their finished data to Tableau for visual analysis.

By virtue of the partnership agreement just signed between Telecom Italia (ITIS Program) and Exeura, our Big Data Analytics solutions will be empowered by Telecom Italia’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offer.

This allows our customers to put to good use Exeura’s Analytics solutions, boosting them with both high speed connectivity services and high end hardware resources.

Atlassian and Exeura partnership is rooted in a mutual deep appreciation for simple and effective tools that enable collaboration, coordination, communication. Atlassian’s tools empower Exeura’s professional services teams and support their application of AIDA, Exeura’s methdological framework for delivering analytics solutions to its customers. Documentation, backlogs, deliverables are shared and managed via Confluence and Jira. Furthermore, Rialto can leverage Confluence to enable collaboration on models as well as the distribution of findings and reports. Exeura actively promotes to its customers the adoption of Atlassian’s products as a critical toolset to establish “manage-by-data” best practices and culture.

Cyclosee is a Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) platform fostering the collaboration between Marketing and Sales departments. Cyclosee drastically cuts printing costs of brochures and flyers, as well as related time for their distribution. Cyclosee gathers and manages all data coming from the interaction between customer and sales agent in a very innovative way. These data are instantly pushed to Marketing Managers who can monitor in real time the progress of marketing campaigns and the performances of sales agents so they can quickly react to improve the ROI.
From the collaboration between Exeura and Cyclosee it is now available the firstClosed Loop Marketing Analytics (CLMA) platform. The integration of Cyclosee with Rialto™ and the availability of connectors to several ERP, CRM, SFA systems, enables this new platform to process and share useful insights supporting every phase of CLM (Learn, Plan, Target, Act). You can now get updates on sales forecasts, you can identify your customers and more profitable market industries, you can prevent customers churn and improve retention.