Competence partners of Exeura operate in different vertical markets such as Telco, Insurance, Logistic, Automotive, Energy and Healthcare. In order to increase competitivenss in the respective target markets, they integrate the Business Analytics technologies provided by Exeura in their commercial offers, this resulting in a beneficial exchange of value between organizations.


TXT NEXT, a division of TXT, an International public Company, over the past 30 years has achieved deep knowledge in the development of advanced software solutions for the Manufacturing and Bank&Finance markets.
The business process and industry know-how of TXT NEXT joins Exeura’s knowledge and expertise in technologies and methodologies to manage and analyse huge amounts of data. This partnership aims to deliver cutting edge Big Data Analytics solutions to optimize key operational and decision-making processes in such target markets.

The Belgian company CrossRoad helps companies to improve their business under the credo Make Service Make the Difference. They practice service design from a customer experience perspective, transform the running processes and organisation while assisting with managing the changes from a people perspective. In data and process analytics context they provide their clients advisory and software solutions related to Business Process Intelligence (BPI). CrossRoad clients include: BNP Paribas, ING, KBC, Worldline, Atos, Fujitsu, Mazda, Ewals Cargo, Nippon Express, Agfa and Port of Antwerp.
Exeura’s Technologies have met Crossroad’s expertise, founding a new strategic partnership focused on Business Process Analytics. Thanks to this collaboration, Rialto technology is now used to mine and analyse huge amounts of event data helping to discover “how” business processes are really executed! Crossroad and Exeura combine their data and process mining tooling with other technologies, such as visual analytics software’s, to monitor periodically the effective change realized. This from a user adoption perspective, the overall business impact and more.
The advanced solutions for Process Analytics supported by Rialto, now enable business operations like customer service, supplier relations and other key area’s to address both root-cause and root-effect situations in practically every vertical market.

Integris is a systems integrator extremely focused on Telco, Media and Utilities markets. With two offices in Rome and more than 90 employees engaged on projects for big companies, (eg. RAI, Telecom, Wind, Poste), Integris aims to meet the growing demand for Big Data and Business Analytics competences through strategic alliances with partners extremely skilled in this area like Exeura.

Daniel Lanaro, Integris President: “The partnership Exeura-Integris represents an important accelerator for our business. After a deep market research we found in Exeura both excellent products and skills which enable us to extend our offerings portfolio. This allow us to be much more competitive in the fast growing market of Big Data Analytics.

Pasquale Rullo, President Exeura: “We consider the partnership Exeura-Integris very strategic. I’m convinced that our skills and knowledge in the field of Business Analytics, will enable us to wide our market presence through the ICT capabilities, skills and commercial network of Integris.