As a university research spin-off, Exeura has the privilege of selecting graduates and research doctors of high quality. At the same time, the founders of Exeura have a long experience in research activities testified by a long list of scientific papers concerning various areas, such as artificial intelligence, data mining and knowledge discovery, knowledge representation and reasoning, grid computing, parallel computing architectures. All staff benefits from this wealth of knowledge, helping in turn to its enrichment. Exeura constantly enhances and encourages its employees to express their potential and achieve their goals, so that personal satisfaction may generate value for both Exeura and its customers.

Giuseppe Manco

Tine Dell'Armi

Achille Abritta

Andrea Terlizzi

Angelo Matranga

Carmelo Pitrelli

Elisa Dioguardi

Erika De Francesco

Fabio Palopoli

Felice Pansera

Francesco Gugliotta

Francesco Scalzo

Giuseppina Bonavita

Ludovico Quercia

Luigi Granata

Maria Giovanna Rullo

Massimiliano Ruffolo

Maurizio Colica

Mirko Paturzo

Oreste Verta

Vincenzino Lio

Antonella Dimasi

Veronica Policicchio

Nicola Buccheri

Rosario Barresi

Simone Vizza

Francesco Vincenzo