Research activities are aimed at developing and validating innovative ideas in the area of Business Analytics. Effectiveness of research results is normally tested through the implementation of software prototypes that, often, are evolved into commercial products. Research projects are mostly conducted with strong active participation from university and government research institutions.
Exeura is member of Italian National Register of Research Laboratories (Ministry of University and Research) and also appears in the list of organizations and experts approved by the French Ministry of Research.

In order to keep the company know how at the cutting edge of research, Exeura collaborates with important research departments, especially with DIMI (Department of Mathematics and Informatics) and DIMES (Department of Informatics, Modelling, Electronics and Systemistics) at University of Calabria, and the CNR Institute ICAR.


Research Areas

Research activities are mainly concerned with Decision Support Systems, of both inductive and deductive types. The former are based on machine learning and knowledge discovery techniques, while the latter rely on knowledge representationa and automatic reasoning techniques.

Knowledge Discovery

Inductive reasoning enables the construction of general theories from facts through generalization processes. The induced models can be used to perform predictive analyses. In this context, Exeura has developed algorithms, methods, architectures and tools (see Rialto).

Automatic Reasoning

Deductive reasoning enables to draw certain conclusions from general theories. Deductive processes are very effective for the solution of knowledge-intensive problems whose domain can easily be modeled by logic rules. In this context, Exeura has developed Rialto Reasoner.

Other topics

Further topics are:

  • Business Analytics on mobile
  • Semantic integration of heterogeneous sources
  • Log and process mining

Scientific Consulting


Intelligent and adaptive environments for e-government and e-democracy in local public administrations. Customer: IFM s.r.l.


An e-government system supporting the interaction between enterprises and Public Administration. Customer: CM Sistemi Sud s.r.l.


Health intelligence for risk assessement in drug administration. Customer : Orangee s.r.l.


(ELectronic Live Adaptive Learning) An adaptive e-Learning environment for cooperative learning. Customer: IDTechnology s.r.l.


Electronic turistic guide based on PDA. Customer: e-Guide s.r.l.


(Multiple Risk Engine) Healthcare Risk Management platform. Customer: TechSana s.r.l.

Research Projects

Rialto Reasoner

Design and development of a knowledge representation and automatic reasoning prototype based on disjunctive logic programming (named OntoDLV).


Design and prototypical implementation of an Integrated Development Environment for business analytics Application and Solutions (from IDEAS originates Rialto version 2.0)


Innovative Open Source services on the telecommunication net TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio)


A knowledge-based FRAmework for the management of complex information systems.


Mobile IDEAS – design and development of a prototype for the delivery of BA services through mobile.


Design and prototypical implementation of a cloud infrastrure for the development and delivery of healthcare services.


Modelling the risk profiles inherent the life of the digital documents, and risk reduction of improper and unauthorized disclosure by Trusted Identity mechanisms.


Business Analytics to Know. Design and implementation of a prototypical platform for rapid BA solutions development.

Discovery Farm

Design and prototypical implementation of a platform for Pervasive Knowledge Management.


Design and prototypical implementation of a platform for the logistics of the Gioia Tauro port.